michael young
A healer since childhood, Michael Young has traveled the world developing his skill and has returned to his native Pacific Northwest to share his gifts as a profoundly effective healer. While living on the “Big Island” of Hawaii, Michael says “I was able to embrace my own truths on a deeper level, and find the specific techniques to enable others to unlock their hidden gifts.”

While you are in session with me, you'll find there are no secrets between us. I have been given the ability to connect to a place of direct knowing, engaging with you in a process of free association and connecting to the places that need to be healed. We then target specific points on the body, clearing mental, emotional, and physical blockages.

Through direct pressure and body positioning, trapped energies from traumas can be released allowing you to heal. I also work with the muscular-skeletal areas of the body (where pain and discomfort exist) to realign the flow of energy through the body, so it can heal itself.

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