All of the oils used are of finest quality and were distilled with great care. The mist was made over a period of time under the sun and moon in a crystal vase. Made with the highest and best intentions for all users.
Crafted by Michael Young

11:11 essential mist
11:11 Essential Mist
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Space: Mist the space to clear chaotic or unwanted energy in the room. Also used for setting intentions as well as bringing harmony and contentment to your sacred space.

Yourself: The mist may be used to bring a sense of peace, calm and focus. Prior to meditation or sleep, use the mist to gather scattered energies, grounding them, centering them and producing a balanced state. Often, universal messages may be clearer, choices may seem more plentiful.

Clients/Friends: This mist can be confidently used with clients or friends, enabling them to feel at ease and secure in any situation. A deeper heart space may be attained which can be fertile ground for spiritual growth.

Essential Oils

Moldovite: for chakra activation, cleansing and expanded awareness.

Bergamot: is added for the release of fear and to transform it into confidence.

Sandalwood: is used for the release of grief and depression and to bring happiness in return.

Wormwood: is for the ability of the mind to let go and give over to heart space.

Palo Santo: for the ability to enter into sacred space to go deeper to a meditative place within.

Crystals of Influence

Moldavite is used for transformation and rapid spiritual evolution.

Twin Tektites are used for telepathic communication, raising one's vibrational level in order to connect to other worlds and move beyond the limitations of space and time.

Black Tourmaline for purification of negative energy and grounding with the Earth's energetic field.

Distilled water which has been energetically cleansed and purified, is the foundation of this mist.

Distilled spirits act as the mist's preservative.

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